C3 Series

C3, otherwise known as the Collaborative Care Conference, is an annual conference held by the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors. Practicing Chiropractors and other health practitioners attend the conference to hear experts speak about new and upcoming developments in the industry, often around a specific subject matter each year.

The goal for the C3 Series website re-design was to provide a simple, modern, single page design that allows prospective attendees to easily access information about the current (as well as past) conference and also register for the event online. We are very pleased with the final product and look forward to updating it for future conferences.


Power-Thoughts is a certified life coaching service based in Halifax, Nova Scotia operated by Kaylie Adamski. Kaylie has a BSW from Dalhousie University and is a Certified Life Coach through the Certified Coaches Federation. Kaylie offers a number of services to help with stress, organization or any aspect of your life you may be struggling with. Whether it be job preparation, anger management, time management, mental health and more, Kaylie has you covered and can help you work through it and come out the other side a happier, healthier person.

With her business growing, Kaylie recognized the need for a website redesign that was fresh, modern, simple to navigate and customized just for Power-Thoughts. We were happy to oblige and get Power-Thoughts off WordPress and onto a custom design. Following the Citadel Design Mantra, the Power-Thoughts website is bright and modern, simple, responsive and optimized; just like a website should be.

Crazy Dog Dehydrated Treats

Crazy Dog is a newer player to the exploding dog food and treats market in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They offer a complete line of all natural treats which they make themselves at their facility in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia. All products use only locally sourced meat and have no artificial colours or flavours. Crazy Dog also carries a complete line of raw dog food to make feeding your dog an all natural, raw diet, easy!

We really enjoyed working on this project, from the product photography you will find on their Dehydrated Treats page, to the content management system we custom built for them that allows them to update and maintain their product offerings themselves, and also allows them to accept orders from retailers that carry their products.

We believe the Crazy Dog website is simple, clean, easy to navigate and offers a modern and intuitive user experience that is guaranteed to be responsive to all screen sizes and any device you might use. It holds true to our mission of what the web browsing experience should be. Go ahead, take a look for yourself!

Nova Scotia Roots

For more than 40 years, our father has been collecting, analyzing, and publishing genealogy data for our family and related families. Since 2000, he has been maintaining a website to provide all of this data to the world for free. The catch here is that he was maintaining hundreds of static HTML files by hand and over the years it has become more and more difficult to add data to the site. We decided to help him out by building him a new site from scratch with a modern, clean interface that can pull data directly from his databases without ever having to touch a line of code again.

With over 45,000 individuals documented over six family groups, folks from all over the world visit this website to learn more about their family history and origins. Is your last name Manning, Langille, Phinney, Shields, Joyce, or Carter? If so, maybe you too can find out more about your ancestry!


Lapis-chan is a proof of concept web application that we built internally to test a new and interesting web framework, "Lapis". Lapis-chan is an open source image board modeled very closely to the infamous and popular 4chan. The general purpose of an image board is to post and discuss images or events loosely relevant to the first post in a thread (or not). Our live demo of Lapis-chan is primarily a "safe for work" (the definition of SFW here is loose at best) environment where you can anonymously post and discuss anime, art, and programming.

There isn't a whole lot to say about this as we wanted Lapis-chan to resemble 4chan as closely as we could. Lapis-chan does support multiple languages with more coming over time. We are pretty happy with our results, especially considering the time frame that we made our initial release of the software: about three weeks. We are proud to use Lapis-chan as a showcase for the kinds of community-driven web applications we can build for our clients.


StepMania is an incredibly popular free and open source rhythm game that has been around since 2001. The StepMania engine has been used as the base for several commercial games including In The Groove, Pump It Up Pro, Pulsen, and StepManiaX. We were very excited when StepMania came to use to help them refresh their website for their much anticipated version 5.0 release.

Previous versions of StepMania visually resembled the proprietary game that StepMania was originally designed to emulate, Dance Dance Revolution. Their website was also designed in the same vein, and they wanted their website to better reflect their new look. The website itself was not the only piece to this project. StepMania also needed a custom-built forum that would seamlessly tie in with their website. Our design for the website worked very well with the forum, and the forum looks and feels like just another part of the website instead of a different web application entirely.

As avid players of StepMania, we were honored to assist them with their first major release since 2005.